• Endeavor® is a new creative way of transforming any standard motorcycle to a "Sport Trike" style machine. Specifically for those who wish to get off the paved highways and down those scenic backroads. This Patent pending (148 countries), trademark and copyright protected design is the first of it's kind and is first to market (July 2014). This design has been proven on three working prototypes totaling over 140,000 miles. This kit is a universal fit style made possible by its patented Adapter Cradle® integral component structure. Exterior skins are easily replaceable for a literal infinite change of look. No special tools or skills required and there is no modification to the motorcycle so the kit can be installed and removed at any time. Installation may be by dealer or motorcycle shop thanks to its user friendly considerations. This kit is totally customizable as not only can the look be changed at anytime but the steering geometry is also 100% adjustable - caster, camber toe can be fine tuned to fit your riding style. Base cost is $9200 to $9600 and yes this kit will potentially fit any motorcycle, Please check out our FAQ link for more info. Each conversion is a total custom and unique. –Norm Kokes CCO - inventor - IDO-Endeavor® A Minnesota Company


What is the Universal Reverse Trike Conversion Kit?

The Triangle Factor

Why is this Wheels Forward Trike concept better ?


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We are officially taking orders for the 2016 season. The trike conversion will be performed at our production facility in New Prague MN and we’ll require delivery of your bike to our shop location. In order to reserve a spot we require a $100 refundable deposit.

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Universal fit – Totally customizable – Sport Trikes for the Sport minded.

Prototype units 1995 ST1100, 99 Valkyrie Interstate, 2001 GL1800

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